HELLASOD is the largest sod producer in North East Europe as well as the leading constructor company in the sport fields sector.

FieldTurf is the world leader in production of synthetic grass surfaces for all sports, company that invented and perfected long-pile, in - filled artificial turf and changed the industry.

Tarkett provides integrated and coordinated flooring and sports surface solutions to professionals and end-users that measurably enhance both people’s quality of life and building facilities’ life-time return.

Sintelon Carpet Division is provider of textile floor coverings (tufted and needle punched) for residential and commercial use.

Marcegaglia  is the leading industrial group worldwide in the steel processing sector  providing the steel structures – tribunes for all kind of sport stadiums and other entertainment and events.

With over 50 years of experience, Barbieri provides a big range of machines for small scale agriculture and garden uses. All models utilize the latest technology and design to provide the best solution for every users needs.

Composan offers a perfect acrylic surface design for highest level professional sport and practice. The overlay of the successive layers of the system gives to this surface the extraordinary elasticity allowing a perfect ball bounce and maximum comfort of the game.

Redexim is the manufacturer of the well established VertiDrain machines and has developed a wide range of industry specific turf maintenance equipment.

APT CHEMIEPRODUKTE GMBH is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane-based Qualipur materials for the construction of sports as well as safety and industry surfaces.

P.S.P.-Colosseo specializes in complex equipment installations of different sport systems and offers modern video-broadcasts solutions, as well as on-line translation for universities and medicine, integrated security systems, and much more.

Matchsaver is a unique remote controlled pitch covering system designed to protect from rain, frost and snow ensuring every match goes ahead as planned.


With over then 50 years of presence in the recycling sector, ELVAN has the mission of correct environment management of tires, cables, metal, electrical and electronic devices manufacturing  rubber granules  in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001.

Zincometal  is the Greek leader in the production in the sector of monotubular (polygonal) steel columns and also in the sector of steel road guardrails. We follow high quality standards which characterize all processing steps from the design, to the production and after sales service, in an attempt to offer excellent and high quality products and services to its customers (Quality Assurance System as per ISO 9001)

ISOline EU, s.r.o. is a Czech producer of healthy lifestyle products in the area of drinks and nutritional supplements.
Well-being and health are at the core of the ISOline philosophy. Established in 1998 the company manufactures healthy drinks and foods that are an integral part of the lifestyles of athletes, children and recovering patients.

Cairofresh Minerals is global producer and exporter of high graded silica sand since 2004. We supply natural dry and rounded silica sand, free of organic and impurities materials, toxic and radiation, for artificial grass football pitches and tennis courts.

The traditional and biological Greek food products, unique quality and unsurpassable nutritional value, such as the olives  and the biological extra virgin oil, the dairy products, the Greek honey, ouzo the Greek aperitif, have blended together and created a noble cuisine rich in nutritional ingredients, to satisfy the high gustatory and nutritional needs of modern man.