Intersport LTD offers the largest range of sod varieties for all kind of use and purpose. Choose between the sod for football and rugby fields, golf courses, sod with big strength and endurance, for all climate conditions and temperatures ( cold – warm – sea side), sod to cover every ground or sod under shade.

We provide quality and reliability through its modern facilities, hi-tech equipment, and our team of specialized experts, thus offering solutions for any type of construction. Our sod grows on 2 000 000 sqm in different areas where any kind of sod is controlled on daily basis, fully maintained and prepared for the future use. We also hold an ISO 9001 quality certificate both for sod production and sod constructions.

The major factor contributing to our success is a unique combination of product high quality, consistency and strong after sales service.

We are fully equipped company for contracting sports and landscaping projects. Through our super modern nurseries and machinery and specialized staff, we offer to the customers quality and credibility in all construction phases: sub base and soil supply and installation, scheduling, supply and installation of the drainage, irrigation and heating system, protection of the sod and the maintenance of every square meter that we install, using the last technologies sod care products and maintenance machines.

We continue every day research of all kind of sod which is of vital importance in order to improve and progress. For this reason we invest in time and money and a well-trained team. For that reason, “The Experimental Turf team” is created, to deal issues concerning the different sod varieties, resistance to disease, acute weather conditions as well as factors like mowing frequency, leaf texture and color.