Landscape Projects

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Intersport Ltd offers a yearlong experience in the construction of the sport facilities of all kind in cooperation with important construction companies and suppliers worldwide. Our highly skilled technicians are trained to perform all phases of construction and surfacing for soccer fields with natural and synthetic grass, tennis courts and other sport facilities for clubs, property developers, public facilities and private residences throughout the region. The experience, the professional behaviour and most excellent quality raw materials that we use, rendered us as the company that build the first class references. By utilising the latest construction techniques and technology, we guarantee that our installations are of the highest quality available today, constantly pushing the standards in product development and installation methods.
   In today’s competitive market, most newly constructed stadiums, sport and training centers, require the highest level of hospitality, accommodation and safety for the clients and audience and should provide full comforts in all segments: playing area, stadium facilities, technological support etc…
   Let us schedule, construct and manage your sport facilities supported by our yearlong experience and knowhow offered from our European Partners:
Fields with natural grass
Sub base construction, drainage, heating, irrigation system, protection covers and maintenance.
Fields with synthetic grass
Sub base construction, perimetric concrete wall, maintenance.
Natural grass, synthetic grass, maintenance.
Indoor floors
Wood- Timber, PVC and Linoleum Floors for both sport and commercial use.
Commercial Floors
Houses, apartments, modern, kids, commercial and public use.
Portable protective floors for all kind of indoor and outdoor surfaces
Natural and synthetic grass, running tracks indoor facilities, gyms, concerts and other events.
Sports and Stadium equipment andaccessories
Football, tennis, basketball, running tracks, rugby, mini soccer etc…
Tubes, fine steel and plasticized mesh and accessories.
Lighting Systems
Lightening posts of all heights, lightening bodies, lamps, lightening studies for all kind of courts.
Steel tribunes and seats for stadiums
Tribunes for all sports, easy and fast assembling, 500 – 5000 seats capacity, seats with UV and FR protection, big color chart.
Sporswear and accesories
Clothes, shoes and accessories for football, running, tennis, basketball, training etc…
Installation and maintenance machinery
Construction machines, laser, tractors, cutters, maintenance machines for both natural and synthetic grass.
Electronic Scoreboard
Indoor and outdoor scoreboards for football, basketball, multi use, installation and maintenance.